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The Security Bank had the opportunity to work with the University of Tennessee at Martin as part of the Community Bank Academic Project, which consists of written works and videos. We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up to sponsor the Dyer County Youth Leadership Program.

In the 2018 competition, student teams will explore how community banks can use technology to streamline the process and better serve their consumers. The competition is run by the University of Tennessee at Martin and the Dyer County Youth Leadership Program (YLP).

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Junkin 'Jam has provided a boost to the local economy for the county around Dyer County and its residents. With total sales of the event reaching $20,000 on Friday night alone, all our dealers are considering a return. Join in and exceed by far what you expect in our rural downtown on a Friday night.

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Reelfoot Lake State Park is located on the west side of Dyerysburg, TN, south of downtown Dyersburg. Bank (p. 87) is given on June 4, Eicher (p. 87) on June 6. 596), which stands on June 15 in the parking lot of Reel-Foot-Lake Park on the East Main Street in Diesburg TN.

Dyersburg is located at the confluence of the Tennessee River and the Tipton River in eastern Tennessee and grew into a river town after the Grey Eagle made the first successful steamship voyage in 1836. Soon a branch line between Dyerysburg and Northern was connected to the county town of Tipton, and market opportunities were expanded. In the book "Arrested Development" by William H. Eicher (p. 87) Diesburg is mentioned as a possible location for the construction of a railway station on the river.

The Youth Leadership Program's funding has enabled us to reach more Dyer County residents in the hope of leaving a lasting footprint in the community. The Security Bank has given itself the opportunity to become the main sponsor of the program and we are proud to be committed to the future of our community, both in time and financially. The security bank is the largest private bank in Tennessee with more than $1.5 billion in assets and more than 1,000 employees.

Evans continued: 'We came here to show the community how much we offer our community. Together we win, the local economy wins, and if we have something really fun to work in the city center, like Junkin 'Junkin' Jam co-op and the Dyer County Youth Leadership Program, then we have won.

The Woman of the Year award was presented Wednesday, May 3, at the annual meeting of the Dyer County Chamber of Commerce. The meeting was attended by Mayor Bill Evans, City Council members, business leaders and other community members.

Teachers present gave golden tickets to those present because they had done something for their students in their classroom. Help by handing out ice cream and giving prizes to all the great boys and girls who have entered.

He said two Negroes helped guide the Confederates and that the white men had to "pluck" to take over the route. He wrote that they escaped and left behind their clothes, weapons and horses. He said that they killed 25 to 30 Confederates and took them to a camp in the forest, which is about a kilometer from the Confederate camp.

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More About Dyersburg